Start getting information out of your data

We are surrounded by data, more and more connected devices and people. Our job is to take this raw data soil and grow powerful insights from it.


Machine learning and predictive analytics for an unfair advantage and superior insights


Innovation driven as continuous improvement is a crucial investment


Infrastructure as code and first class security in order to ensure high availability and scalability


Prototypes and MVPs in order to validate fast growing ideas and immediate delivery

Our mission

We create intelligent technology

We experience a world in which important information emerges from chaos, in which only what reflects user interest is important, supporting it in business decision-making processes. In this world it is essential that the right information reaches the right people, in real time. The data has much more to say than what it seems, so we take care of clear and intuitive visualizations to ensure people can get effective information.

We transfer innovation

We build together, to support today’s and tomorrow’s projects. Our passion for technology is guided by the sharing of enthusiasm for the benefits and challenges of innovation, we bring modularity and new resources to large projects in order to create solutions that exceed expectations. Our know-how embraces vertical needs, a fertile ground for growing new experiences.

Venting malfunction, 40% inconsistent RPM
Predicted logistics processes failure
Departed as scheduled
Insufficient lighting (2nd time)

IoT & Asset Performance

We are committed to building the next generation data integration and correlation platform that will lay its foundations on existing vertical data silos in order to give a higher level crosss-borders interpretation of company data.

Our platform for the industry 4.0, smart buildings and smart cities horizontally integrates informations and events between different business functions in order to create proactive insights in real time. Whether they are malfunctions or exceptions reported by human operators, our systems are able to notify the right person at the right time anticipating the management of cross-functional problems.

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