Empowering companies during COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

Recently, due to the COVID-19 outbreak spreading across the globe, we’ve all been faced with the need for remote working and a lot of companies discovered what’s the price to pay for not having invested earlier on remote collaboration tools. Collaboration between people is one piece of the puzzle, manufacturing, utilities and large retailers businesses cannot declare total remote work as they depend on the physical world, the question of how to provide remotely quarantined workers with up to date operational information arises.

Datasoil’s SYN platform for asset intelligence has always been promoting situational awareness both in the field and from the desktop. As more and more assets and people become connected, it’s fundamental to have an integrated high level view of the situation, exploiting insights in order to boost incident response and catch anomalous situations before they become dangerous.

Thanks to SYN, our clients are always able to get a complete picture of what’s happening inside and outside their managed estate, to their assets, their workers, to their spaces. Our real time intelligent event processing system constantly monitors and correlates both customer sourced events and third party external data, in order to promptly notify the right people with personalized actionable information.

Supporting COVID-19 awareness

Few days after COVID-19 started spreading, without taking any action, all our customers have been able to constantly monitor infection rates in the surroundings of their production plants, automatically integrated in their SYN dashboard: wherever the company has an asset, the epidemic rate is constantly updated. This vital information is being used to plan and evaluate people and production allocations, and once related to a company’s own events is becoming even more crucial for managers and decision takers.

A client’s dashboard shows the enrichment of proprietary events with COVID-19 updates regarding the surroundings of one of his production plants.

Coronavirus real time information is just one of the many external data sources our clients can choose to seamlessly integrate, as we strongly believe that a complete, real time view of an entire company’s ecosystem can provide a tremendous advantage and speeds up decision taking thanks to an empowered situational awareness.

On the field side, as usual, workers are using our mobile platform to raise tickets regarding safety and maintenance problems, immediately available through the dashboard to their quarantined management counterparts. At the same time workers that may not be aware of where and what an asset is (mainly needed because of reduced shifts), are exploiting our augmented reality system to identify and take action.

We are constantly improving the Datasoil SYN platform in our mission towards providing the best tools for a next generation of safer and fully aware companies.