Venting malfunction, 40% inconsistent RPM
Predicted logistics processes failure
Departed as scheduled
Insufficient lighting
Your assets have a lot of stories to tell,
get unified awareness.

Cross functional, horizontal IoT and process data integration

Because you can’t afford to miss the details, but understanding the big picture takes a lot more information

Data integration

With so many different connected sources, you definitely need a single high level understanding. SYN integrates all data coming from the field into one high visibility point of view.

Digital twin

Getting a digital twin of your deployed infrastructure grants superior control and command ability, rising efficiency and issues resolution time.

Targeted info

Our recommedation layer ensures that everyone gets the most useful insights out of all the collected data, forget information overload the push way.


A SaaS platform with eventual on premise data collector, we take care of security, updates and infrastructure scaling while you're free to focus on your business.

All your assets managed, not scattered

SYN provides seamless indoor and outdoor asset mapping capability laying its foundations on best in class map providers. From large external regions, to floorplan level accuracy we give you the ability to store all your valuable fixed an mobile assets with their locations and real time informations.
We can constantly sync asset and location metadata from your favourite verticals and give you the opportunity to drill down to panorama level for immediate in the field asset interaction and auditing.

Coherent, immediate events intelligence

With its etherogeneous streaming ingestion capability, SYN analyses and forwards events in real time. Whether critical anomalies or info level notifications, we’ve got you covered.
Gain immediate insight on concurring events in order to better understand the situation and immediately take effective actions.

We only trust the bigger picture

Nowadays it’s easy to get a lot of insights about a single asset, but what you really want to optimize is the overall ecosystem efficiency. SYN constantly correlates information coming from different business functions, whether they are high level events from vertical systems or low level data streams, as our focus is on getting you information you can trust and act on. Merging different sources has the overall benefit of better filtering noise thus enabling more robust predictions for related chains of events.

AR Field operations

The FieldOps mobile app leverages beacon and GPS localization so operators can easily identify surrounding assets and interact with them. Thanks to augmented reality, inventory, auditing and ticketing tasks can be carried out faster and minimizing errors usually related to scarce information availability on the field.
Informations and events related to assets are always available to the workforce, that can be notified on the move in order to react promptly to surrounding issues.

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    All business functions can benefit from the augmented awareness about correlated assets events:

    • IT & Operations: get warned in advance of  possible service disruptions influenced by infrastructure
    • general services: improve maintenance by relying on asset position and operational informations on the field
    • managers: get an immediate, tailored, view of the cross borders ecosystem.
    • improve the shareability of information supporting digital twin deployment

    Large-scale retail

    Integrating third party data as energy meters and footfall cameras, SYN can provide an immediate way to evaluate conversion on visual strategies:

    • give merchandise placements directions thanks to floorplans and fine grained areas
    • audit areas via 360 panorama upload directly from the app
    • get heatmaps and people counts automatically reconciled to merchandise types
    • get easy to interpret real time analytic insights across all your points of sale


    The seamless indoor-outdoor mapping capability of SYN lays the foundation for a proper asset monitoring solution for companies managing scattered assets:

    • take advantage of open data and third party data integration (e.g. traffic, weather, geoimaging)
    • evaluate and anticipate critical conditions affecting infrastructures
    • improve decisional processes with a broader understanding of managed assets’ status
    • provide the workforce with an immediate tool to report on the situation

    Events/Critical sites

    As events and critical infrastructures are characterized by mixed information sources, SYN can be the natural answer for control and command rooms:

    • fast understanding of the global status provided by a high level approach and event filtering intelligence
    • real time notification of critical situations
    • handle complex environments with an on-line unified spatial view of both assets and deployed workforce
    • seamless integration on top of existing verticals without compromising highly compliant systems isolation

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